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How to get rid of chapped lips?

 How to get rid of chapped lips?

How to get rid of chapped lips? Cracking or drying of lips can be problematic at any time during the whole year. Mostly, it occurs when lips are exposed to dry air. As a result, flakes and cracks occur all around the lips. Apart from this also, some of your habits might lead to them such as licking and sucking. How to recover from chapped lips? If you have chapped lips, then these steps will help to recover from them. Exfoliate – Apply a gentle exfoliator with your finger. You can prefer sugar scrub and gently move it all over your lips. Moisturize – Keep moisturizing your lips. Don’t let it dry. You can use coconut oil or petroleum jelly to moisturize it. How to prevent chapped lips? Well, Prevention is better than cure! So, to prevent it from getting chapped or dry you must follow these steps! Avoid licking or sucking your lips. Avoid flavour lip balms as they can lead to dry lips. Use sunscreen if you ate going out to protect it from sunburn. Make sure to cover your mouth when the cold or dry air blows. Keep your lips hydrated with petroleum jelly. When to see your doctor? Even after your regular care of the lips, they are not recovered, so you might consult your dermatologist to avoid worsening the condition of your lips.

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