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Lip Micro Pigmentation

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Lip Micro Pigmentation

Lip Micro Pigmentation Micropigmentation is the manual, permanent and customised process of inserting natural, hypoallergenic pigments using permanent 6D microblading technology. Lip micropigmentation improves and brightens the dark shade of lips through the application of pigments. Ask for Assistance Get…

Medi Facials

Medi Facials You might be aware of facials. But, do you know that the facials offered at your spa or parlour vary from ones that take place at your dermatologist? Facials at your dermatologist are known as medi-facial. Facials in…

Oxygen Infusion

Oxygen Infusion Oxygen facials makes your skin fully bright and healthy.It is a nonmedical procedure as nothing is injected into the body and no chemicals are used. During the procedure, we will first cleanse and exfoliate your face. And then,…


Phototherapy A type of medical treatment to treat certain medical conditions like vitiligo. This treatment involves exposure to fluorescent light bulbs or other sources of light like halogen lights, sunlight, and light emitting diodes (LEDs). There are different types of…

Rejuvenation And Pigmentation

Rejuvenation And Pigmentation Removes skin blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines with advanced laser skin rejuvenation and pigmentation treatments. Laser skin rejuvenation treatment is for a whole range of undesirable skin blemishes on the face and neck. If you’re concerned about…


Resurfacing Want to improve your skin texture and appearance and rid of scars, warts, and deep wrinkles try on laser resurfacing treatment by our specialist Dr. Swati.Laser skin treatment is performed depending on your individual needs, you might be recommend…

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment Acne scars are stubborn and an uninvited visual reminder of the past breakouts on the skin. Acne scar treatment is effective in fading away acne scars and removing those acne. There are different types of treatment depending…

Body Contouring (Robolox)

Body Contouring (Robolox) Body contouring, a non-invasive cosmetic treatment has an advanced way to transform the body and get in shape. Body contouring (Roblox) treatment is widely used to alter the shape of the body. The procedure is an advanced…

Botox And Fillers

Botox And Fillers Botox and fillers are the two most popular cosmetic treatments that is non-invasive. Botox is an injectable treatment that is used to smoothen the lines and soften wrinkles. Botox treatment contains bacteria that essentially freezes out the…

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment The immense amount of exposure to sunlight has accelerated the process of aging. The face is affected in several ways such as acne, cloches, wrinkles, early aging, etc. Laser skin treatment is an effective treatment to heal your…

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