Platelet-rich plasma therapy commonly known as PRP is a treatment to cure hair loss problems. Plasma is a type of red blood cell that contains a maximum unit of water and protein. PRP treatment is a three-step process which is carried over for a period of 4-6 weeks. The treatment starts by drawing blood from the body part which is mainly the forearm. Blood is then transferred to a centrifuge that allows separating different densities of fluids. The next 10 mins allow bifurcating red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma and platelet-poor plasma. In the final step, the syringe is filled with platelet rich plasma and transported to the affected areas of the scalp. This process will promote hair growth on the scalp that has very less or no hair. The treatment is effective to increase the thickness of the hair shaft. The PRP injections are successful in triggering the hair to grow naturally. It ensures that an accurate amount of blood is supplied to the hair follicle. The treatment can also be used for healing injuries. Doctors suggest this treatment for treating injuries or damages to ligaments, joints, skin, muscles, etc. The treatment is also becoming popular for cosmetic procedures too such as vampire facial. The client is required to stop consuming blood thinner medications before availing of this treatment. After the completion of the treatment, the client is advised not to wash the treated area for 48 hours. PRP treatment needs several sessions to complete the procedure.

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